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Buying a house or apartment in Catalonia

Spain is not only a favorite destination for tourists. More and more of them are settling there permanently, spending a few months of the year or taking advantage of its easy access to spend long weekends or even telecommuting while keeping their jobs in their country.

The beauty of the sites, the quality of life, the culture, the sunshine and the lower real estate prices than in many European countries are all reasons to buy a house or an apartment in Spain.

Catalonia in particular has many advantages:

  • its coastline, sometimes steep and intimate, sometimes with beautiful and lively beaches,

  • its small postcard villages,

  • the mildness of its sunshine and its inhabitants,

  • its traditions that are deeply rooted in people's hearts...

  • and also its accessibility by car, by plane or by train (Paris-Barcelona by TGV).

Where to buy your house or apartment in Catalonia?

Catalonia is divided into four provinces: Girona, Barcelona, Lleida and Tarragona. The majority of our clients buy their property on the coast.

The Catalan coast has a total of 580 kilometers, of which 280 kilometers are beaches, divided between three coasts - the Costa Brava, the Costa Barcelona and the Costa Dorada - each of which offers different advantages.

If you don't have a clear idea of where to buy your apartment, house or land, we can help you identify the locations that best suit your needs and desires.

We give you the benefit of our extensive knowledge of Catalonia. From the coves of the Costa Brava to the immense beaches of the Ebro Delta, passing through the city of Barcelona, and the Valles Oriental or Occidental. A landscape, a village, a neighborhood, a beach is waiting for you.

Property prices per square meter in Catalonia

The evolution of the average property price per square meter mentioned below is calculated from real estate advertisements throughout Catalonia. This average property price per square meter allows you to get an idea of the property prices in the ads.

The price of real estate varies widely depending on the type of property and its exact location. Contact us now to find out the current real estate price per square meter in the city or town of Catalonia where you want to start your new life project. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Catalonia: Evolution of real estate prices per m2 of houses and apartments

As a real estate hunter, we accompany and advise you in the search and purchase of your apartment, house, villa or land in all Catalonia. Contact us now!

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