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Everything you need to know about Real-Estate agencies in Spain

The real estate sector in Spain is very specialized and offers a wide variety of services for anyone who wants to buy or rent a property.

Buying a property

The first thing to do is to obtain references from the real estate agency to be sure that we are going to carry out a transaction safely and with guarantees.

Once the agency is chosen, the real estate agent will attend to the buyer in a personalized way to determine which are the required characteristics. From here, a process begins in which is included: the valuation and visit to the property, for which a document of real estate visit sheet is filled in, with the commitment that in case of buying the property, it will be done through this agency. If the buyer decides to purchase the property, a deposit will be given with an "order note" to reserve the property.

The work of the agent from this moment on, will consist of making the proposal to the owner, who in case of acceptance, will proceed to the signing of the earnest money contract and later, will help us to manage all the documentation until the signing of the purchase-sale, including the accompaniment to the Notary's office and the Land Registry.

Selling a property: contracting with or without exclusivity

One of the most important things when contracting services in a real estate agency in Spain is that it can be done through an exclusive contract or without it: although the possibility of selling with several agencies, a priori, may seem to offer more possibilities for the owner, the truth is that when exclusive services are contracted, the real estate agency acquires a commitment to sell and uses all the means at its disposal to achieve a faster transaction.

In Maonlof we are specialized in buying and selling and renting in the international market, and we advise you during the whole process of buying and selling so that you can find the property that suits your circumstances and your needs, solving any doubts you may have during the process.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you!

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