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Interview time - Bedeni Martin, Maonlof's Agency Director

“We have a clear vision of our customers' needs and we know how to meet them!"

Bedeni Martin is the director of Maonlof, a real estate company based in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

She explains to us how she deals daily in the office, with her portfolio of clients and with the team of real agents.

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I was born in Malaga, but I have been living in Catalonia for 50 years. I started working in real estate a long time ago. First for a promotor company that managed different types of land, then in new constructions. Then I became a mixed agent and would manage all types of property, ranging from land to housing, parking…

I have been living in Sant Cugat del Vallès for 28 years and my working area has always been Barcelona Capital or Valles Oriental; hence my great knowledge of the area.

How did you end up working and living in Sant Cugat del Vallès?

I love Catalonia, I feel good here, and I never wanted to move too far away. I liked the region for its marine and international aspect.

After twenty years spent in Barcelona, enjoying the excitement of the megalopolis, I discovered the “town” of Sant Cugat.

It is for me the ideal location in Catalonia, very close to the city but with a more confidential aspect. And for work, it's a perfect location, mixing old charming properties with new constructions. The market is constantly evolving, and the demand is constant.

Which of your personal experiences are useful in your work?

All of them, I am a natural extrovert, so customer contact comes easily to me. I would say that my love of traveling also helps me a lot. It allows me to get to know other cultures, and to create new contacts, especially with foreign clients. It also helps me to learn languages and to be able to communicate more easily.

I also have children, which allows me to be aware of the latest trends and the desires of younger generations.

What skills do you think make you a good real estate agent?

It's not me who should be asked this question haha, rather my clients! But from what I have seen while watching my colleagues and employees, I would say that the following skills are key:

  • good knowledge of the market

  • listening skills

  • good knowledge of their portfolio of goods

  • empathy

  • organization

  • anticipation

What can you tell us about the real estate market in Sant Cugat del Valles?

It's a market that has been growing since I've been there. The city of Sant Cugat is a melting pot. There are all the profiles of customers gathered in the same area. Older people who have always lived there; families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city; foreigners looking for a place to stay close to Barcelona; people who like the more "natural" environment of the area...

On the other hand, the city of Sant Cugat evolves and takes care of its inhabitants. Numerous infrastructures are built or well maintained, which creates a constant demand as the city is more and more loved and sought after.

In the last 10 years, there has been a clear evolution with an increasing demand while the number of recent constructions, on the contrary, has decreased.

All of this leads to a rise in prices and an increasingly luxurious positioning of the area.

What services do you offer at Maonlof to your customers?

Like most agencies, we manage sale, purchase and rental real estate.

We also help our clients in the management of their properties, the management of their real estate portfolio, and we accompany them from A to Z in their projects.

This can involve the definition of the project upstream or after an acquisition, the setting in relation with partners for the works, the architecture...

At Maonlof, we not only act as intermediaries, but also have expertise in the acquisition of interesting assets for trading purposes. In fact, we know the ins and outs of this market and know how to guide our clients in the best possible way.

Being based in this market for many years, I must say that we know both the property and the area, as well as the expectations of the customers. We have a clear vision of our customers' needs, and we know how to meet them!

In addition, despite the intrusiveness of the profession, we want to make a difference with respect, empathy and comprehensive advice to sellers and buyers.

What are your goals for Maonlof?

We have a very clear vision of where we want to take Maonlof in a year's time, and we do everything to get there without a hitch. That doesn't mean that there are no unforeseen events, or that you have to be stubborn, you have to know how to organize certain things, but you always have to know where you are going.

Today, the demand is very big, but our team is still small. We need to increase our team to be able to cover all the demands and offer even more services to our customers.

What would appeal an agent to join your team?

We have strong company values: mutual aid, determination, sense of service.

If an agent wants to develop his career in Catalonia, Maonlof is an ideal place to go. We have an ideal location, a good working atmosphere based on trust and mutual support, and great development opportunities.

How to apply to join Maonlof?

If you are interested in joining our agency, either as a freelance agent or as an employee, please send your CV to We consider all applications and are open to all types of profiles.

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