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What is the cheapest city in Catalonia?

The price of second-hand housing is really competitive: 470 euros per square meter.

A small municipality of just over 2,600 inhabitants in the province of Lleida is the cheapest to buy a home. These are data from the real estate portal Idealista with the average of December 2022 and place the price per square meter at 470 euros.

Therefore, a large apartment, up to 100 square meters in the town of Alt Urgell will cost less than 50,000 euros, a really competitive price when compared to the high costs of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

The Idealista ranking places the lowest prices in Spain in Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia. However, only 20 municipalities in Spain have prices below 450 euros per square meter. This is not the case of Linyola, which exceeds it by 20 euros to the aforementioned 470.

Linyola is a small mountain town located just 30 kilometers from Lleida city to the east and 15 kilometers from Balaguer, another of the municipalities with the most competitive price per square meter (485 euros).

In fact, Lleida is the provincial capital with the cheapest second-hand housing in Spain, with an average price of 1,065 euros per square meter, according to the same real estate portal Idealista in the price index just a year ago.

On the opposite side is Barcelona, its metropolitan area and the capital. A study published last month by the AMB sets the minimum wage to live decently at 1,447.49 euros, an increase of 102 euros over 2021 due to the effects of inflation.

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